Thank you…

This album has come together with the assistance of many people who donated their time and energy into it’s production. Their efforts have been greatly appreciated in helping to make this memorial CD a reality.

David & Christine Sinclair, Kent Fiddy, Ron Thiessen, Mary Brunner, Neil Heustis, Llewellyn Adam, Eleanor Evenden, Gerry Bradley, Sasha Pawliuk, Nigel Tucker, and all my friends on the Mudcat Café  especially Jackie, Alison and Helen for their donations of music and encouragement.

A special thanks to the staff at Culpeppers Restaurant in Vancouver, BC 

A very special thanks to Erik and Rita for their support and patience during this project.

Recording: David Sinclair
Mixing and Mastering: Mike Colomby
Production: Precision Sound Corp., Burnaby, BC
Photography: Ron Thiessen
Album/ Web Page Design: Paul Evenden

Contact: Paul Evenden @ (604) 816-3043
Email: Paul Evenden

Made in Canada


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