David Sinclair:                         6 & 12 string guitar, laudin, percussion

Producer:                                 David Sinclair

Executive Producer:               Frank Ludwig

Recorded:                                LB Sound & Icing Studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Engineer & Digital Editor:    Andrew Huzyk

Mixed:                                     Uptown Sound Studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mix Engineer:                         Johnny Q (except 'Midnight Clear', 'March of the Toys',
                                                                            'Water is Wide', mixed by Andrew Huzyk at LB Sound) 'Irish Moon'
                                                                            composed and arranged by David Sinclair. All other songs traditional;
                                                                            arranged, adapted, and messed with by David Sinclair.

Thanks to:                                Brian Griffiths, Uptown Sound, Sarah McLachlan, Edwin Coppard,
                                                                            Bob Buckley, David Kershaw, Tim McCauly, Ron Johnson

Special Thanks to:                   Frank Ludwig, my Family: Christine, Taryn, Jaime & Zachary, and
                                                                            Mya Domeij Evenden, who is to blame for getting me started on this
                                                                            Christmas thing.

Cover Art:                                David Bircham Design and Mel Stidolph

Photography:                           DS photo by Paul Runnels

Web Page:                                Paul Evenden

                                                                             A laudin (small lute) is a Spanish instrument with a similar range and
                                                                             sound to a madolin.  An E-bow is a hand held electromagnet which
                                                                             vibrates the guitar string with an attack similar to a violin bow.

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