Equine Confidence Clinics

Equine Confidence Clinics

Training for Pleasure, Show, Trail and Working horses

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Mountain Trail Clinics

Have fun introducing your horse to new experiences found out on the trail...

Equine Confidence Clinics

Where you and your horse can learn to overcome fear and accept the unexpected things that happen around him...

Horse Training

Do you have a horse that needs the basics or more? Here is the place to start...

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Horse Training, Equine Confidence Clinics, Mountain Trail Clinics
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  Number One: Understand the issue.

This clinic will give you a comprehensive understanding of your horses’ issues regarding spooking. You will know why they spook, and more importantly, what they are thinking and what triggers their escape mechanisms.

Number Two: Know how to cope with it.

Once you have an understanding of what is really happening, you will then be trained on how to deal with not only the issues your horse has, but other problems in the future with any horse. This clinic will teach you how to build your horse’s confidence in you and most importantly teach the two of you to have trust in each other, and it all begins with understanding why.

Number three: Practical application.

Helping your horse to be “spook proof” is just another training method. Like all other methods, it requires a working knowledge of the techniques that are used in these clinics. And, like all training, with continuing practice your horse will learn to trust you and “go forward” through whatever you ask them to go through.


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